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Experience Authentic Belizean Cooking!

Here is some thing you never thought you would be doing Belize! That is Cooking your own Belizean Food with the help and guide of a Belizean Family in there home. Something only offered by Pacz Tours in Belize, your Central America getaway to the Caribbean. More info at: San Ignacio Farmer’s Market & Cooking … Continue reading »

UnBelizable! Where to find the best of Belize

Belize marches to its own drumbeat. Geographically part of Central America, the former British Colony identifies more with the laid back English-and-Creole speaking Caribbean islands to the East than it does with its bordering Spanish-speaking neighbors.  Culturally and ecologically diverse, Belize offers such a dizzying array of choices for visitors that the most difficult part … Continue reading »

Travelers, mount up

We’re not exactly known for our freeways and smooth roads. In fact, some of our most beautiful places can only be accessed on foot. Or hoof. Horseback riding tours can be arranged through many resorts or tour operators. Popular tours travel through the jungles of the Cayo District, or you can see Maya sites like … Continue reading »

Top Ten Things To Do In Belize

Cruise ship passengers touring downtown Belize City on a locally made minivan Thinking about the top Belize attractions and what to do in here? Well there are countless activities to keep you busy. Sun, sand and beach, tropical rainforests, mountains, extensive cave systems (the largest in Central America), the mostly unexplored remains of the ancient … Continue reading »

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