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Belize Cave Tours

Belize boasts the largest cave system in Central America, and within this captivating realm lies a treasure trove of history and mystery waiting to be explored. Take, for instance, Actun Tunichil Muknal, a cave that gained fame for its hauntingly beautiful calcified remains, believed to be those of a Mayan girl. But it’s not just the eerie allure that beckons; these caves are living museums of Mayan artifacts, offering a glimpse into a rich and ancient civilization. The National Geographic, a respected authority in exploration, has heralded this tour as the #1 must-do experience in Belize.

Yet, Actun Tunichil Muknal is just the beginning. Belize’s cave landscape is peppered with remarkable gems like Barton Creek and the Crystal Cave, each steeped in the enigmatic history of the Maya civilization. What sets these caves apart is their accessibility; many are not claustrophobic and are open for public exploration.

Embark on a caving adventure in the Cayo District, where you’ll trek through lush rainforests to reach the entrance of the Mayan underworld. With over two decades of experience as a tour operator, we at Pacz Tours are your trusted guides to Belize’s natural wonders.

For an in-depth look at each cave, simply click the “know more” button. Ready to embark on this incredible journey? Secure your reservation by filling out the form on each tour page. Your tour guide will have essential equipment such as bug spray, headlamps, life vests, and water shoes, ensuring your safety and comfort during this unforgettable exploration.

man beside crystal maiden

Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM Cave)

Join us on an unforgettable Belize ATM Cave Tour that will transport you to the mysterious depths of the Mayan Underworld. Discover the remarkable skeletal remains and over 1400 catalogued artifacts found within the cave’s enigmatic chambers, each telling the silent stories of ancient Maya ceremonies. Delve deeper into history by exploring rare bloodletting altars where Maya royalty once performed sacred sacrifices, offering a unique glimpse into their complex spiritual practices.

The splendor of the cave system itself is equally mesmerizing. Witness the grandeur of the expansive main chamber and the awe-inspiring natural formations that must be seen to be truly appreciated. These stunning geological and archaeological features make the ATM Cave not just a tour, but a journey back in time.

Price: $125USD per person

belize cave kayaking

Cave Kayaking

Explore the wonders of Belize on our thrilling Cave Kayaking tour! Embark on a 7-mile adventure down the Cave Branch River, paddling through five enchanting caves filled with natural limestone formations. Feel the excitement as you navigate through dark caverns illuminated by your headlamp, listening to the sounds of the jungle echoing around you.

Cave Kayaking is a new addition to our Belize Cave Tours.

Price: $175 per person

barton creek cave canoeing

Barton Creek Cave

Nestled near San Ignacio, Barton Creek Cave is a natural wonder once hallowed by the ancient Maya for their sacred ceremonies. This awe-inspiring adventure is a family-friendly experience like no other. Venture into the depths of the cave, where history comes alive, and the darkness envelops you in an unparalleled sense of wonder, making it one of the most profound and unique experiences you’ll ever encounter.

Price: $95 per person

man going cave tubing - belize cave tours

Cave Tubing

Cave Tubing in Belize stands as the nation’s most sought-after adventure, and for good reason. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of relaxation and excitement as you embark on a journey along a tranquil jungle river, where the gentle flow guides you through a mesmerizing network of cave passageways within the Caves Branch river system.

Prepare for an adventure that combines the best of both worlds, all against the backdrop of Belize’s stunning natural beauty.

Price: $125 per person
Cave Tube + Zip Line: $150 per person

belize cystal cave

Crystal Cave

Embark on a thrilling adventure deep into the heart of Belize’s Crystal Cave. Led by experienced guides, you’ll journey through lush jungle paths before descending into the mystical underworld. Navigate through narrow passages, climb over ancient boulders, and marvel at the glistening crystalline formations that adorn the cave’s interior.

Price: $125 per person

che chem ha cave

Che Chem Ha Cave

Che Chem Ha (Cave of Poisonwood Water). A relatively small cave, but absolutely packed with stunning Mayan pottery. There are some geological features like stalactites, but the real draw is archeology.

Price: $ per person

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