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Belize Mayan Ruins Tours

Embark on a Remarkable Expedition: Belize’s Mayan Ruins with Pacz Tours

As you prepare to delve into the fascinating world of Belize’s Mayan Ruins, consider this: these ancient cities, once bustling with thousands of people, stand as awe-inspiring testaments to human ingenuity. Marvel at the architectural marvels achieved without the aid of modern machinery or the wheel. But there’s more to the story.

These Mayan Ruins aren’t just historical relics; they are strategically positioned, providing insight into the profound connection between community leaders, their devotion to the divine, and the vital source of water.

Now, let’s elevate the adventure. Venture to the most remote Mayan Ruins – Caracol and Lamanai – and watch as the tour takes an exhilarating turn. Traverse diverse ecosystems, whether by road or river, and immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty of Belize’s natural wonders.

But what if you’ve longed to gaze upon the grandeur of Tikal, the Mayan city in Guatemala, from Belize City or San Ignacio? Explore our carefully curated itinerary, revealing the secrets of making this remarkable journey possible.

Unlock the mysteries of the past and the wonders of nature with Pacz Tours – where history, culture, and adventure converge for an unforgettable experience.

tour tikal from bellize

Xunantunich Mayan Ruins

Picture yourself in the heart of western Belize, approximately 70 miles to the west of Belize City, where the ancient Maya whispers its tales. Here, atop a majestic ridge overlooking the tranquil Mopan River and within the gaze of the Guatemala border, lies Xunantunich. In the Mayan tongue, it translates to ‘Stone Woman’ or ‘Maiden of the Rock..

Price: $75 per person
& Cahal Pech: $95 per person
& Barton Creek: $150 per person

Tikal tour from san ignacio belize

Tikal Mayan City

Nestled within the lush rainforests of northern Guatemala lies the renowned ancient Mayan citadel of Tikal. Remarkably, this iconic Maya city is a mere 1.5-hour journey from the enchanting town of San Ignacio. Thanks to Pacz Tours, the dream of exploring Tikal from Belize City is now well within your reach. Join us and venture into the heart of this captivating ancient realm.

Price: $145 per person
Private Tour: $250 per person
Overnight Tour: $525 includes Accommodation

belize remote mayan ruin caracol

Caracol Mayan Ruins

Caracol stands as a monumental testament to the ancient Maya civilization. Located approximately 40 kilometers south of Xunantunich and the charming town of San Ignacio, Cayo, this sprawling archaeological site unveils the secrets of an illustrious past.

Caracol’s history is intertwined with the mighty city of Tikal, initially serving as a client state. Join us on an expedition to discover the rich heritage and intricate connections that lie hidden within Caracol’s ancient walls.

Price: $125 per person

lamanai orange walk

Lamanai Mayan Ruins

Nestled in the northern reaches of Belize, within the enchanting Orange Walk District, the Lamanai archaeological site stands as a testament to the grandeur of the Maya civilization’s once-mighty city. Embarking on the Lamanai Mayan Ruins tour promises not only a journey through history but also a breathtaking river boat ride through lush rainforests, encounters with playful monkeys, the sighting of exotic birds, and close encounters with other captivating wildlife. Prepare to be transported to a world where ancient wonders meet the wonders of nature.

Price: $250 per person

cahal pech

Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins

Cahal Pech is one of San Ignacio’s premier Maya sites that are nicely excavated and open to the public to visit. Located on the highest hill overlooking downtown San Ignacio, Cahal Pech is one of Belize’s oldest Maya sites.

Combine with Xunantunich: $95 per person

yaxha maya city temple

Yaxha Mayan Ruins

Explore the third largest Mayan city in Guatemala from San Ignacio, Belize. Yaxha Ruins and National park is where people go to enjoy rain forests, monkeys, exotic birds and other wildlife and amazing sunsets.

Price: $145 per person

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