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We appreciate your trust in us and we promise to provide you with peace of mind when you book with PACZ Tours.

We encourage you to purchase Travel Insurance to cover cancellation fees or unforeseen circumstances, we have no control over.


Secure Online Payment

We will send you a link to access our secure Online payment system, via High Point Travel Link or (provided by

* We accept VISA and Master Card only.

* The actual charge may be slightly higher than the quoted amount due to credit card currency and foreign exchange fees.

* By making payment using any of our online options provided you agree to our cancelation policy.


  1. Cancellation must be made 48 hours or more before departure time for a refund to be given.
  2. Booking made in less than 24 hours (last-minute booking) is nonrefundable and is expected to be paid in full before the tour or transfer leaves or otherwise specified by PACZ Tours.
  3. In rare cases, changes may occur after the time of booking. Most of these changes would be of a minor nature and have little effect on your tour or tour package. We will inform you of these changes as soon as possible but will have no other liability to you.
  4. The ATM Tour cancellation, if it has been raining for a few. An update can be given as late as the following morning. In such cases, we reschedule for the following day or schedule a tour of the Crystal Cave which has striking similarities to the ATM Cave.
  5. Rescheduling a tour, there is no extra fee for changing dates or changing tours. As long as advanced notice is given.


  • No refund is given if a cancellation is received in less than 48hours.
  • Cancellation made before 48hours hours is given a full refund, less a 4.5% fee.
  • Last-minute booking within 48 hours is non-refundable.
  • If a tour is canceled by us, a full refund will be issued.

When you book a package tour with us you accept responsibility for the proper conduct of yourself and your party while on the tour. We reserve the right to terminate your package tour or that of any member of your party due to misconduct. If your actions or that of any other member of your party cause damage to the tour equipment or accommodations in which you are staying, you agree to fully indemnify us against any claim made against us or on behalf of the owners of such equipment and accommodations.


We accept full liability for the proper performance of our obligations under our agreement with you for the provision of your tour package. If you or any other member of your party suffers damage under our failure to perform under the obligations of our agreement with you for the provision of your tour package, we accept liability except in the following circumstances:
a) If the failure or improper performance is your fault or the fault of any member of your party

b) If the failure is the fault of someone else not connected with the provision of the services which make up the tour package we have confirmed with you

c) Any unusual and unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been executed

d) Any event which we or the supplier of any service we incorporate, even with all due care could not foresee or forestall

We shall offer prompt general assistance to any client who through mishap suffers difficulty, illness, personal injury, loss or damage to personal items during their tour package dates with us. However, we will not be liable for costs incurred from these mishaps and strongly recommend travel insurance for your trip to Belize.

Weather Policy
Inclement weather is a fact of life on the water. Although rare, these days often spoil tours and cancellations are required. In the event of a weather day, every effort will be made to re-schedule the charter to accommodate both parties.

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