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Great information on a country and things to do there, are sometimes hard to find. Sometime hard to determine what is the best thing to do. Our Belize Travel Blog focus’s on answering that question. with short to the point, easy ready paragraph and as much photos of Belize, we can stuff into one post.

Our writers sometimes go behind the scenes, to find out what makes; Belize Beaches, Archaeological Sites and Caves, Barrier Reef, Rivers and Rain-forest, and Culture different from the rest of the World. Discover fun facts and other important facts about the area you are about to visit in Belize.

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"We highly recommend Pacz Tours.

We had a fantastic time with Pacz Tours on our trip to Belize. We did the one day tour to Tikal with Hugo as our tour guide. Tikal was incredible and having Hugo telling us about it's history and that of the Mayans who lived there made the tour that much better. It was an amazing sight to see. We also did the ATM Cave tour with Pacz Tours. That tour was breath-taking. This tour we did with Oscar and he was a great guide. He kept us from bumping our heads or knees while exploring the cave and shared so much about the history of the cave and it's rediscovery during our tour. Jamaal in their office was always very helpful in getting both of our tours set up. We highly recommend both tours with Pcz Tours​​"

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