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Yaxha National Park


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Yaxha Tour Description

A visit to Yaxha Maya Ruins from San Ignacio in Belize

Yaxha National Park in our opinion is best for its solitude archaeological sites. The Wildlife, Jungle atmosphere, and the large number and variety of Ruins. Yaxha is more remote and provides a much better tour experience. Wonderful buildings, lots of history, tropical rain forest and, above all, a panoramic view of the forest and Yaxha lake from temple 216.

Yaxha is a smaller site compared to the ancient city of Tikal, but it still gives you great insight into the Mayan civilization. Yet, it gives you a better idea of how Mayan cities would work, as the buildings were closer to each other.

Pacz tours guide will lead you or the group you are in around the excavated ruins. He will offer insight into the Maya civilization. Your tour guide will explain, Who used many of the 500 structures for ceremonial purposes, the Mayan culture and beliefs.

Listen as your guide discusses the influence of Teotihuacan in Mexico has on the architecture of Yaxha, including its Mayan pyramid temples, elevated plazas, and ball courts. Explore the Twin Pyramid Complex, also known as the Stelae Plaza. At the East Acropolis, into you’ll come upon Structure 216, a 100-foot (30-meter) high pyramid where remains of a temple shrine still stand on its base, making it the highest building at Yaxha.

Here is where many tourists watch the sunrise or sunset. When you reach the astronomical complex within Plaza C, you’ll find Early Classic stelae and a causeway to the city centre. Visit the North Acropolis, which dates back to the Late Pre-classic and includes an impressive pyramid in the E-Group complex. Be enlightened as your guide explains the various stages of construction and the many functions these structures performed.

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Map of Yaxha in Peten, Guatemala

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