Belize Cave Tubing

Cave tubing in Belize is more that just float on inner tube. Ever been to a water park with an inner tube “ride” down a “river”? Well, we have the same thing for you, except a thousand times better. Nothing fake here! Our park is the pristine and beautiful Caves Branch Archaeological Site and our water is 100% crystal clear Belizean vintage.

After an easy hike to the mouth of the cave system, and an outfitting for your own personal inner tube, your guide will lead you to a gentle river that curves around a bend. Once you’re settled on the water, you wind down the river through bright jungle, into massive black echoing caves, under the earth itself, and out into sunlight again. Your guide will show you what to look for in the scenery passing by–caves that archaeologists have explored, and caves that they’ve barely begun to explore. Maybe you’ll spot one that no one else has even seen yet! Western Belize is like Swiss cheese–a vast limestone bedrock, shot through with percolating water–that, over millions of years, have made more chambers than we’ll ever be able to find.

This tour is perfect for refreshment of the spirit, or if you want to bring the whole family, or just to relax and wonder at the beauty of the jungle caves, floating serenely like a leaf on the water.

Cave Tubing can be combine with Zip Lining at Jaguar Paw: $135us

Cave Tubing Tour Detail

  • Price: Please contact us {includes: Taxes, Food, Guide, Entrance fees.}
  • Departure: 9:00 a.m Meet in-front of Pacz Office or pick up at hotel – in or around San Ignacio Town
  • Things to Bring: Extra set of dry clothing, bathing suits, good hiking shoes, bag pack for carrying lunch, towel.

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Couple near cave tubing location